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I have recently discovered some fabulous new products, from high end make up brands and also high street brands I thought I would share all the new products I love with you all. Firstly Urban Decay have a fabulous make up pallet, which gives you the option of twelve different shades to choose from, you can have the option of neutral lighter shades or however a darker smokey look. They have two different palettes to choose from, one is the older version which I prefer and the other is the Naked 2.  The eye shadow palettes both come with a mini eye shadow primer which allows our make up to stay on all day. So the first pallet has beautiful shades from, beige, carmel, browns, gold, grey and a beauty black/gold shade which I love. The great thing with these palettes is that they come with a eyeshadow brush which is fantastic, because the eyeshadow brushes are priced at £17.00 pounds alone.  The second palette has pretty the much similar shades, incept this palette has a variety of matte shades rather then shades with a shimmer. For example the black shade is matte without a glitter shine, compared to the black Naked has with a gold shine. Also the second palette does not have a option to blend a silver simmer shade to create a smokey eye effect.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 21.28.49Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 21.29.55

So I have to admit Urban Decay eyeliner pencil, is the best I’ve ever tried in my life. So the reasons why this eye liner is simply so amazing, it lasts all day literally all day. Sometimes I struggle to remove it, which shows how great it is. Also its water proof, and they have a lovely variety of different shades to choose from. I have included the three I love the most, firstly Perversion is great for days when I want a dark look; this pencil is very black it creates a great compliment to a smokey eye look. The second eye pencil, which i really liked was Oil stick, because its black with a silver shimmer which is pretty and not such a dramatic dark look. The last eye pencil which is lovely is Delinquent, this shade creates a purple deep shade effect which creates a edgy chic appearance.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 21.37.27Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 21.35.15Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 22.16.58

When buying makeup I always try out higher end products, as well as some high street pieces because sometimes, you can get great products on the budget. I recently tried sleek Be beautiful Blemish Balm, I usually prefer Mac and YSL when it comes to foundation because I’m used to these products and they give great coverage. So overall my thoughts on Sleek be beautiful balm was, there isn’t a large variety of shades to choose from, which is disappointing. There is a choice of Fair Skin, Medium skin and Dark skin. I have quite a dark complexion, however the darkest shade on high street brands never match my complexion, due to the fact that the shades are a really dark chocolate complexion. The shade which matched my complexion was the Medium shade, which was confusing because I was not sure how light the medium would be. Overall the Sleek Blemish Balm was not amazing, it never really gave my skin a great glow and it also dried my skin out quite a lot, all I can say about this product is you get what you pay for.  Dior top coat nail polish is creates a great shine on your nails, after you paint your nails with the first base shade. There is a choice between the Gel coat, which I prefer and the original Dior top coat. Dior gel coat is a lot thicker, and gives off a great shine. The Gel coat is better if, you want to make your nail polish last a lot longer. The normal top coat sets and speed dries the nail enamel. The top coat and gel coat is priced at £18.00 pounds.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 21.51.13


Product Prices

Naked Eyeshadow palettes- £37.00 each

Eyeliner- £14 each

Blemish Balm- £8.99 per pack

Dior Top coat prices £18 per bottle

website links to find products are listed below


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